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Firefighter I

Be a part of a team that makes job #1 serving others!


Looking for an exciting career that offers job security, camaraderie, physical exercise and flexible work schedules? Are you someone who embraces calculated risk and who will do what it takes to get a job done? Firefighting might be the career you have been looking for.

Firefighting is risky business, requiring courage, the ability to quickly evaluate a situation and physical strength. Although firefighters typically garner a comfortable living, a desire to help others is the primary reason most men and women become a firefighter. The willingness to take that risk to save someone else is truly the nature of someone with a servant's heart. A career as a firefighter is definitely a way to demonstrate care for others on a daily basis.

KPC's Firefighter I program is designed to provide entry-level firefighters with the knowledge and skills to meet the minimum job performance requirements as outlined in NFPA 1001 and 472. Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to function safely and effectively on emergency scenes and be able to perform the basic tasks assigned. Upon successful completion of the Firefighter I courses, students are eligible to obtain State of Alaska Firefighter I and Hazardous Materials Operations certifications. Students must successfully complete the practical skills exam and score at least 70 percent on the written exam. KPC does not administer the certification exams.

Upon successful completion of this 12-credit preparatory program, the student will be able to understand and apply the principles of fire department organization, communications, incident command system, ropes and knots, fire behavior, firefighter safety, fire prevention, personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers, respiratory protection, ventilation, hose lines, hose streams, firefighter tools and equipment, forcible entry, search and rescue, ladders, building construction, fire suppression, water distribution systems and fixed fire protection systems as per the National Fire Protection Association Standard 1001 for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications.

In addition, students will be able to understand and apply principles of Hazardous Materials Operations and Basic Emergency Medical Care. KPC’s Firefighter Program is dedicated to providing students with the latest technology and most up to date information available.


Firefighter I

The firefighter courses offered at KPC prepare students to sit for the state of Alaska certification exam. In order to obtain State of Alaska Firefighter I and Hazardous Materials Operations certifications, students must successfully complete the practical skills exam and score at least 70 percent on the written exam.


Paul Perry
Paul Perry
Assistant Professor of Paramedic Technology
(907) 262-0378
Clarence Goodrich Building (CGB) 146H
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