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University of Alaska Anchorage

Kenai Faculty & Staff

Employee Directory

Full-time faculty

Name Title
Duwain Aamodt Welding Lab Aide
Mark Burton Instructor of Biology and Chemistry
Thomas Dalrymple Associate Professor of Accounting
Scott Downing Associate Professor of English
Adam Dunstan Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Michelle Fellows Associate Professor of Psychology
Jane Fuerstenau Professor of Library & Information Science
Steve Hallam Associate Professor of Quantitative Studies
Bill Howell Assistant Professor of Process Technology
Jacob Keisling Assistant Professor of Welding Technology
Bettina Kipp Lavea Professor of Human Services
Clair Kochis Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Richard Kochis Assistant Professor of Electronics Technology
Christine Kube Assistant Professor of Nursing
Jeffrey Laube Professor of Process Technology
John Messick Assistant Professor of English
Ashley Pass Assistant Professor of Paramedical Technology
Jimmy Peniston Assistant Professor of Biology
Paul Perry Assistant Professor of Paramedic Technology
Jim Titus Assistant Professor of Process Technology
Andreas Veh Associate Professor of Physics/Mathematics


Name Title
Emily Arnold Accounts Payable and Travel Technician
Mary Bell ABE Facilitator
Alasha Brito Advancement Programs Manager
Cheryl Brock Lead Accountant
Susan Browning Student Services Assistant
Lisa Burkhart Learning Center Office Manager
Leslie Byrd Campus Safety and Evening Coordinator
Carrie Couey Director of Administrative Services
Dawn Edwards-Smith Dual Enrollment/CTE Advisor
Don Eide IS Net Technician 7
Richelle Frankovic-Spencer Admissions Counselor
Shelby Fuller Financial Aid & Veteran Services Specialist
Ruby Glaser Communications Specialist
Heidi Graves Learning Center Director
Cyndy Honey Faculty Services Office Manager
Mark Jensen IT Services Manager
Moses Jordan AV/Desktop Support Technician
Kennaty Kerley CT2 Building Maintenance Technician
Rusty King Facilities Operations and Maintenance Supervisor
Misty Klodt Financial Aid Coordinator
Emily Knight KPC Recruitment and Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Katy Koetitz Administrative Assistant, Director's Office
Tammy Kotke Accounts Receivable Technician
Alex LeClair Enrollment Specialist
Marcella Lea Director's Office Assistant
Shara Leaders Math Specialist
Rob Lewis Jr. Lead Desktop Support Technician
Ash Magallanes Disability Support Specialist and Test Center Administrator
Jenya Malakhova-Quartly Bookstore Manager/Cashier
Sean McBride Custodial Maintenance Service Worker
Mitchell Michaud LC International Student Support
Barbara Patrick Maintenance Service Worker 3
Tiffani Perry Paramedic Clinical Coordinator
Ginger Pitts Casual Admin Generalist
Sara Rinearson Director of Student Services
Maryna Roper Science Laboratory Assistant
Ginger Rose Admissions & Student Records Coordinator
DeAnne Ruiz Academic Advisor
Heidi Sequeira Student Health Care Provider
Cheryl Siemers Kenai Peninsula College Director
Kalyn Simpson Alaska Adult Education (AAE) Instructor
Natasha Sison Financial Aid Specialist
Dave Stang Crafts & Trades 3
Jennifer Tollackson ABE Program Assistant
Victoria Trujillo HR Coordinator / Payroll Technician
Jim Tuttle Educational Technology Technician
Brenda Uchtman Alaska Adult Education (AAE) Instructor
Steven VinZant Broadcast/Media Technician
Meagan Zimpelmann Library Assistant
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