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Kenai Peninsula College 2023-2024 Scholarships

For more information or questions contact the KPC Financial Aid Office at 907-262-0332 or email

UA Scholarship Portal 

Apply now for Kenai Peninsula College’s 2023-2024 scholarships through the University of Alaska Scholarship Portal. 

Priority deadline for the application is February 15, however the KPC scholarship committee will continue to review applicants through early Fall, as funding allows.

Students are encouraged to submit their 2023-2024 FAFSA.

UA Scholarship Portal 

Thanks to generous scholarship donors KPC awarded over 50 scholarships to students in 2022-2023. Don't miss out, apply now!

The Brockel Family
John C. Brockel Memorial
Pam Ward
Shelly Theno
The Damon Foundation
Alyeska Pipeline

Tim Jolly 
Dr. Barbara Christian
John & Mae Hakala
Jon S. O'Dell
KPC College Council
KPC Staff and Faculty 

Kachemak Bay Campus (Homer) 2023-2024 Scholarship Application

For an application contact Nancy Johnson at 907-235-1655 or email

High School Senior Tuition Scholarship 2023-2024

Deadline: 5 pm, March 16, 2023

Kenai Peninsula College is offering several tuition scholarships to graduating seniors from all KPBSD area schools and Kenai Peninsula residents participating in home-school programs. This scholarship may be used for attendance during the 2023-2024 academic year at Kenai Peninsula College Kenai River Campus (Soldotna) or at our Resurrection Bay Extension Site (Seward).

Chosen recipients may be awarded up to twelve (12) credits of tuition waived for the 2023-2024 fall and spring semesters. The student is responsible for books and fees.

For more information or an application contact KPC Financial Aid Office at 907-262-0332 or email

Student Support Fund 2022-2023

The Kenai Peninsula College Student Support Fund will be used to assist students enrolled in courses at Kenai Peninsula College who have demonstrated financial need and/or a financial hardship. Funds are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. A current FAFSA is required to determine financial need. Jumpstart and Middle College students are eligible to apply and do not need to submit a FAFSA.

For more information on this assistance and how to apply, please contact our Financial Aid Office at (907) 262-0332 or Counseling and Advising at (907) 262-0383.

Local Scholarships 


Statewide Scholarships 

  • Alaska Community Foundaiton 

    Over 40 scholarships available for Alaskans! 

    The Alaska Community Foundation awards scholarships made possible by passionate community members who are committed to helping Alaskans pursue their educational dreams. The specific criteria, application requirements, and deadline varies by scholarship. Please review the guidelines for each scholarship to determine your eligibility before applying.

    Alaska Community Foundation Scholarships


  • Schmidt Charitable Trust

    Preference is given to Alaska Natives and other minorities. Studies in Earth Sciences in Alaska. Applications can be submitted year-round and are reviewed when received or at the quarterly Board of Trustees meeting.

    Schmidt Charitable Trust Scholarships



Alaska Performance Scholarship

APS is a scholarship offered by the State of Alaska, and UAA is one of the eligible Alaska institutions qualified to participate. To earn this award, Alaska high school graduates must have completed specific courses and achieved required national test scores before they graduated. To review your eligibility and award amounts for State of Alaska programs, such as the Alaska Performance Scholarship and the Alaska Education Grant, please create an account and login to Alaska's  myAlaska – ACPE Student Aid Portal as these awards will not be reflected on your UAA award letter, until we receive notice from the State in mid-August. Continuing students must meet specific completion benchmarks and file a FAFSA by June 30 priority deadline in order to receive an award in the upcoming academic year. For more information, including eligibility criteria visit UAA's Alaska Performance Scholarship information page.

  • Who can receive the APS?

    Alaska residents who graduate from an Alaska high school (public, private, or home school) in 2011 or later and meet the qualifying requirements as determined by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEED).

    Visit ACPE's website for further information regarding the Alaska Performance Scholarship.

  • How do I use the APS at UAA?

    Using the APS scholarship at UAA is a great way to pursue your degree or certificate with as little debt as possible.

    So you've qualified and applied for the APS - now what?

    To receive the first award at UAA, you must also:

    • Apply for admission to UAA before the enrollment certification deadline that you plan to attend using an APS award
    • Be admitted to a qualifying degree or certificate program.
      • Collegiate Track: associate, bachelor's, and/or graduate program
      • Vocational Track: certificate program - NOTE: "Occupational Endorsement Certificates" are not eligible certificate programs.
    • Enroll in either Full-time (FT) credits or more (12+ credits for undergraduate students and 9+ credits for Graduate students) or Half-time (HT) credits (6- 11 undergraduate credits or 5-8 graduate credits).
    • Have unmet costs of attendance of $500 or more listed on the UAOnline Financial Aid Awards after considering all other non-loan aid, such as grants and other scholarships.

     If you want to receive the maximum number of awards, remember:

    1. You must file a new FAFSA every year by June 30th!
    2. You must meet continuing eligibility requirements listed in the "How do I MAINTAIN APS continuing eligibility?" section.
    3. You have six years after high school graduation to fully use up to four years (eight semesters) of awards.
  • When will KPC/UAA receive the list of APS-Eligible students?

    APS-eligible students will be able to see their APS awards on UAOnline in mid-to-late August.

    Why does it take so long? 

    Alaska schools report K-12 information to the Department of Education & Early Development (EED) during the summer months. EED reviews the data for completion and accuracy prior to extracting high school graduates and their APS eligibility information and transmitting this population to the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE).  Upon receipt of the APS eligibility file, ACPE’s internal processes match the student records to submitted FAFSA information before it can be sent to UAA.

    * Continuing students in award years 2-4 are then reviewed by UAA to make sure they have met continuing eligibility benchmarks.

    * Transfer APS students should make sure they have UAA identified on the MyAlaska AK Student Aid Portal.

  • How do I maintain APS countinuing eligibility?

    By the end of your first year:

    • earn 24 semester credits (12 for half-time students)
    • maintain a 2.5+ cumulative GPA     

    By the end of each subsequent year:

    • earn 30 semester credits (15 for half-time students
    • maintain a 2.5+ cumulative GPA     

    As a graduate student:

    • earn 18 semester credits (10+ for half-time students)
    • maintain a 2.5+ cumulative GPA

    *You must also meet UA Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.

    For APS certification purposes, Full-time (FT) is defined as 12 credits or more for undergraduate students and 9 credits or more for Graduate students. Half-time (HT) is defined as between at least 6 and 11 credits or between 5 and 8 credits for Graduate students.

    Regardless of a student's FT or HT status, the APS is designed as an eight disbursement only format to be used within 6 years of graduation from high school.* This means that a half time student will receive a proration of their eligibility, while a full time student will receive up to 100% of their award. This is contingent on continued eligibility based on academic progress, enrollment status, other need based money student may have received in their budget, Cost of Attendance and that the student maintains the minimum required GPA as outlined below.

    • Certificate students have the additional requirement of completing the certificate in order to meet continuing eligibility requirements.
    • Graduate Students are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA for the entire enrollment period.
  • How do I maximize the APS awards?

    UAA would like to help you maximize your scholarship and promote the most efficient way to use your financial assistance to complete your goals successfully.

    The University of Alaska Anchorage is required to certify student enrollment as of the census date, or the add/drop deadline for each term. This ensures students are meeting continuing eligibility requirements and are being paid accurately for any coursework adjustments made as of that deadline. To receive the maximum amount of award you are eligible for, please make sure you have finalized your registration as early as possible.

    • A FT student is nearly finished with a Bachelor's degree if they meet continuing eligibility requirements after 8 disbursements. This student has maximized their use of the scholarship.
    • A HT student in pursuit of an Associate's degree would be nearly finished with their goals after 8 disbursements. Students may decline a half-time award in order to maximize their use and receive a full-time award in a later term.
  • How does the full-time award compare to the half-time award?
    Year in School  Award Level Number of Payments GPA Required Full-Time Completed Credits Required to Proceed Full-Time Amount(s) Disbursed by Award Level Half-Time Completed Credits Required to Proceed Half-Time Amount(s) Disbursed by Award Level
    Year 1 Level1
    2 2.5 24 $4755.00
    12 $2377.00
    Year 2 Level1
    2 2.5 30 $4755.00
    15 $2377.00
    Year 3 Level1
    2 2.5 30 $4755.00
    15 $2377.00
    Year 4 Level1
    2 2.5 30 $4755.00
    15 $2377.00
    Overall Totals   8   114




  • Is it possible to appeal an APS expiration?

    The State Board of Education adopted the APS regulation allowing for an extension of eligibility (4 AAC 43.045) when special circumstances have prevented the student from participating and receiving all disbursements within the six (6) year window, such as health, military service, etc. Students must appeal directly to the Commissioner of the AK Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) and include documentation to confirm personal or academic circumstances beyond their control which caused delayed participation in the APS program. [14.43.820 and 14.43.825] Typically all exceptions must be received before the eligibility expires, unless circumstances have prevented an earlier appeal.The requirements for all extension requests are:

    • The student must submit to the commissioner of the AK Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) a written request for a scholarship eligibility extension.
    • The student should submit evidence to support circumstances occurred that were beyond their control.
    • The eligibility extension request must be postmarked no later than 30 days before the student's period of scholarship eligibility under AS 14.43.825(b) is set to expire. The address for the submission is PO BOX 11050, Juneau, AK. 99811-0500.

    Appeals based on unavailability of UAA curriculum required additional steps:

    The appealing student must meet with an academic advisor who will create a DegreeWorks academic plan in UAOnline. The advisor will then reach out on behalf of the student to work with UAA Academic Affairs to accommodate the request for the required statement from UAA showing agreement that required coursework was not available for the student to have steady degree progression within the six (6) year window.
    The request sent to DEED must be accompanied by a signed statement from the UAA Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, attesting that the student has experienced or is experiencing an enrollment delay due to the availability of UA coursework required by the degree program the student is pursuing and that the enrollment delay is beyond the student's control. Students may not have other gaps in attendance due to personal choice, such as having taken a previous "gap year".



KPC Financial Aid 

Phone: 907-262-0332

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