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KPC Administrative Services manages ProCards issued by UA procurement held by KPC employees. This card is not the same as the UA travel card.

To obtain a ProCard please contact the KPC accounts payable technician aka: ProCard reconciler for details. All card holders are responsible for complying with all UA Board of Regents policies and procedures for ProCards.

Purchasing Process

All purchases with NO exceptions must be approved in advance. Purchases made prior to receiving approval are unauthorized and may become the financial responsibility of the individual who made the purchase. For more information on purchasing see the Procurement Services page.

Weekly Responsibilities

Each week the ProCard reconciler will send an email to ProCard holders to review their weekly transactions. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to confirm or correct the default accounting codes. The cardholder is also required to supply a brief description for each purchase. The cardholder must respond to the email by deadline specified in the email. 

Monthy Responsibilities

Near the beginning of the month, the ProCard reconciler will send out the previous month’s statements for cardholders to review and compile the following documents. Completed ProCard statements should be returned to the reconciler via email.

  • Statements: Highlight any necessary funding changes on the statement. Sign as the cardholder. Director of Admin Services will sign as supervisor/manager after reconciler completes review.
  • ProCard Log: Typed and Signed by your supervisor. Do not sign as the reconciler.
  • Receipts: Attach original receipts in the same order as transactions on the statement. Helpful hints: Tape small receipts to blank paper.
  • PR Forms: Attach completed purchase requisition (PR) forms for each purchase.
  • Rep Forms: Attach if needed. 

Representational Expense Allowance Form (Rep form) is required for expenditures with account codes 8115, 4008/4118, 3008/3118 or 3038/4038 (food/décor/gifts). Rep forms must be submitted and approved by Director of Admin Services prior to purchase in advance of purchase. Submit Rep forms by attaching them in the supporting documents section of the PR. 

Sales Tax

KPC is exempt from sales tax. Tax exempt cards are available for check out. Contact at the KPC accounts payable technician at KRC or the KBC business office.

Contact Info

Cheryl Brock
Cheryl Brock
KPC Accounting Manager
(907) 262-0224
UAA - Kenai Peninsula Campus
Enid S. McLane Building (EMB) 169G
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