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University of Alaska Anchorage

Tuition & Fees

Did you know that Kenai Peninsula College waives non-resident tuition? We are proud to offer an exceptional education for an affordable price.

KPC Tuition & Fees Overview

While evaluating tuition and fees at KPC, please keep in mind that students are financially responsible for the courses they register for. There is no KPC-initiated drop for a course that a student has not paid for. Students must formally drop a course by submitting a signed and dated drop form within the 100 percent refund period for a tuition refund. See the current semester's academic calendar for the dates. 

University policy requires a financial hold on student records if the student fails to meet their financial obligation. This hold prevents any enrollment, transcript, or graduation activity. Past due accounts are sent to a collection agency. Interest, late fees, and/or collection costs are added to the student's account. The past due debt is reported to a local credit bureau. The University is authorized to garnish State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends (PFDs) for payment of past due accounts.

Have any questions? Our Student Services office is always happy to help.

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