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How did things get to be this way? There's more to the past than just the events that led up to the present day.


Are you fascinated by past cultures and societies and the people and events that preceded your reality? Are you equally intrigued by the past, present, and future as they relate to the human experience? Studying history allows the exploration of the diversity of the human experience in all times and places examining the differences among them.

KPC does not offer a degree in history, but students are able to complete all of the general education requirements to be prepared to transfer into a bachelor of arts program at another UA campus or another university. Be sure to work closely with an advisor to help you identify the right program to transfer into and to be certain you identify as many program specific courses and general requirements while studying at KPC.






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Christina Stuive
Professor of Counseling
(907) 262-0335
Enid S. McLane Building (EMB) 267
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Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Advising and Support Services Specialist
(907) 235-1655
Pioneer Hall (KBPH) 110
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Jeff Meyers Jr
Assistant Professor of History and Political Science
(907) 235-1611
Bayview Hall (KBBH)
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