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University of Alaska Anchorage

KBC Student Association

Every student is a member of the KBC Student Association! Attend weekly meetings, contribute ideas, and become an active part of planning student events on campus.

KBCSA: Get involved!

The KBC Student Association serves the campus through governance, programs, and services providing opportunities forKBC's mascot "Harmony" at the Chamber of Commerce parade leadership development. Leadership positions include president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.


  • Represent KBC students the University and the Alaska Legislature
  • Advocate for student needs
  • Monthly meetings to be announced 


  • Provide food during Finals Week
  • Homer Food Pantry and Anchor Point Food Drive
  • Homer Winter Carnival participation
  • Develop community student discounts 
  • Develop presence on KBC social media


  • Student Discount Program 
  • Advocacy for student ideas and issues

Current Officers

President Debbie Weisser
Vice President TBD
Secretary TBD
Treasurer TBD

For further information, please contact KBCSA advisor Jill Burnham at 907-235-1674.

Jill Burnham
Jill Burnham
Community Events Coordinator
(907) 235-1674
Pioneer Hall P206
Web Page


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