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Registration Changes

Registration Changes

If a change in a student's class schedule becomes necessary, semester-length courses may be changed as follows:

Add a Course

Students may add full-semester courses (no fee for adding courses) during the first two weeks of the semester by using the add/drop process via UAOnline (instructor permission may be required). Students will need to check with Student Services for details on late-starting classes. They may not add a course two weeks after it has started.

Students can use this same procedure to drop classes, but a fee will be charged for each class that is dropped.

Withdrawal from a Course

Withdrawal from a course is allowed through the 12th week of class (prorated for short or late-starting courses) and produces a designation of "W" for the course on a student's cumulative transcript. An academic grade for the course may only be obtained by retaking the course. Note that no tuition is returned to students who withdraw.

Students who would like to withdraw from all courses will need to follow the procedure for withdrawal from the college. Students with financial aid are strongly encouraged to speak with an advisor prior to withdrawing.

Withdrawal from College

Withdrawal is the official discontinuance of attendance prior to the end of a semester or session and requires submission of an add/drop/withdrawal form. Withdrawal from college appears on a student's permanent record as the letter "W," but is entered without prejudice (having no effect on GPA or any reference to the student's standing in the class). A drop fee is charged for each class that is withdrawn from and the debts due must be paid before official withdrawal from the college is complete.'

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with an advisor prior to a complete withdrawal!

Credit/No Credit Grading Option

The credit/no credit grading option encourages students to explore various areas of interest. Undesignated electives may be completed under this option. A maximum of 15 credits earned by this option may be applied to a degree program. Note that GER's (General Education Requirements), school or college requirements and courses in a student's major or minor are not allowed under this option.

Auditing and Changing Grading Option

Please note that no credit is received if a student is auditing a course and it is possible that a student may be dropped to make room for credit-seeking students. The instructor will determine the terms for auditing his or her course. If a student fails to comply with the agreed-upon terms, the instructor may request that the course be removed from the student's transcript. Submission of papers for correction and grading, and participation in lab experiences are at the discretion of the instructor.

Students auditing a course are required to register and pay tuition and fees. No change of registration status from audit-to-credit is allowed after the second week of the semester. During the first two weeks of class, students may change their status from credit-to-audit only with the instructor's signature. Note that a grading status change requires submission of the add/drop form and will come with a fee. NO credit-to-audit changes can be made after the second week of classes.

Audited courses are not included in the computation of study load for full-time, part-time or overload status. Students may not request local credit-by-exam for an audited course until the following academic year.

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