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Grants & Contracts

Providing responsible fiscal stewardship for Kenai Peninsula College.

Restricted Funds

KPC Administrative Services manages all restricted funds. Restricted funds are monies that have a predesignated use. Funding for grants, scholarships, donations, student government and student clubs have requirements or directives that determine how its money will be spent. 


KPC Administrative Services can provide support in the identification, development, application and management of federal, state and local grants. A minimum of two weeks is required for internal (KPC) review and preparation of required documentation. UAA Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) requires an additional two weeks for its review and approval of grant applications. Please plan accordingly.


KPC Administrative Services manages the accounting for scholarship monies held by the UA Foundation.


KPC Administrative Services can provide support in coordinating donations to KPC. Due to the complexity of donations it is highly recommended the details of any potential donation be reviewed in advance.

Student Government & Student Clubs

KPC Administrative Services provides support in the development and management of budgets to student organizations, including, KPC Student Clubs and KPC Student Government.  

Contact Info

Cheryl Brock
Cheryl Brock
Lead Accountant
(907) 262-0224
Kenai River Campus
Enid S. McLane Building (EMB) 169G
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