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Educational Technology, Innovation, and Learning Design (ETILD)

Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hand of great teachers can be transformational.George Couros


Welcome to KPC Educational Technology, Innovation, & Learning Design (ETILD) Department!

Are you looking to...

  • get started with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) or
  • learn more about Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) requirements? 

Are you interested in talking with someone about...

  • course design to make your course more engaging and impactful or
  • course accessibility to discuss how to make course materials accessible?

Or are you wanting to explore...

  • how to integrate educational technology into your learning assessments with RPNow or
  • what exciting elearning events are happening at KPC or
  • what professional development opportunities might be available to you?  

Good for you, you've come to the right place!

The Educational Technology, Innovation, & Learning Design staff looks forward to helping you leverage best practices, teaching tools, and creative solutions so that you can offer the course you envisioned, the way you imagined teaching it.

Have a look around, browse the faculty repository of resources available to you, and reach out with any questions or make an appointment with one of us.  

We're here for you, so please let us know how we can help!

Contact Us

  • Call
    KPC learning designers can be reached by phone at (907) 235-1621.  Call us today to get your questions answered or to talk over anything we might be able to help with.
  • Email
    Send an email to the KPC Educational Technology, Innovation, and Learning Design Department at for fast responses to your questions.
  • Chat
    Do you use Microsoft Teams?  If so, you can chat with a KPC learning designer in Teams Chat for any quick questions you may want to ask!
  • Schedule a Meeting


Kimberly Frost
Kimberly Frost
Lead Instructional Designer
(907) 235-1621
Kachemak Bay Campus & Kenai River Campus
KPC - Kenai Peninsula College
Web Page
Claudia Pearson
Claudia Pearson
Instructional Designer
(907) 235-1609
Kachemak Bay Campus
Bayview Hall (KBBH) 121
Web Page
Jimmy Tuttle
Jimmy Tuttle
Educational Technology Technician
(907) 262-0299
Kenai River Campus
Walter E Ward Building (WWB) 121B
Web Page


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