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Mathematics is the language of science. It facilitates understanding of the natural world and it promotes effective and creative problem-solving. The math faculty at KPC are passionate about helping students discover the beauty and enjoyment that the study of mathematics can bring.


Mathematics is a universal part of human culture. It is the tool and language of commerce, engineering, and other sciences. As technology grows, so does the need for people with a high level of mathematical training.

A degree in mathematics will help you develop a broad range of skills in problem-solving, logical reasoning and flexible thinking. This leads to careers that are exciting, challenging and diverse in nature. A math degree opens up numerous job opportunities. Mathematical aptitude is seen as valuable in finance related jobs such as actuarial work, accountancy, banking etc. But there are many other possibilities, from code breaking to weather forecasting, from engineering to logistics to software development and much more.

KPC does not offer a degree in mathematics, but students are able to complete all of the general education requirements and a number of program-specific courses to be prepared to transfer into a bachelor of arts program at another UA campus or another university. Be sure to work closely with an advisor to help you identify the right program to transfer into and to be certain you identify as many program specific courses and general requirements while studying at KPC.




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Clair Kochis
Assistant Professor of Math
(907) 262-0230
Walter E. Ward Building (WWB) 223
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Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson
Associate Professor of Math
(907) 235-1603
Bayview Hall (KBBH) 126
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Academic Advisors

Soldotna and Greater Peninsula

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Emily Knight
Director of Academic Advising
(907) 262-0373
UAA - Kenai Peninsula Campus
Enid S. McLane Building (EMB) 279

Homer and Surrounding Area

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Nancy Johnson
Student Services Manager and Senior Academic Advisor
(907) 235-1655
UAA - Kenai Peninsula Campus
Pioneer Hall (KBPH) 110
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