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Summer 2024 Book List

Textbook List for Summer 2024 Semester

Textbooks are available through many different vendors and students are encouraged to shop for the best prices. Pay particular attention to any instructions like "any edition acceptable" or "see instructor for textbook".

Updated February 26, 2024
If you do not see your class listed, please check back again soon.

CRN Subject Course Section Course Name Book Title ISBN# Est. Book Price Instructor
50944 ABE A003 I30 ABE/GED Preparation No Book Required N/A N/A Graves, H
50945 ANTH A101 IW1 *Intro to Anthropology Materials available free on course Blackboard N/A N/A Dunstan, A
50946 ANTH A200 IW1 *Alaska Native Cultures Materials available free on course Blackboard N/A N/A Dunstan, A
50949 BA A166 RW1 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgmt Small Business Management: Launching & Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures 9780357039410 $140 Haines, M
51160 BADA A105 IW1 Intr PC & Application Software MyLab IT With Pearson eText Access Code For GO! All In One: Computer Concepts and Applications 9780135438763 $120 Boutin, I
51163 BADA A110 IW1 Computer Concepts in Business Exploring 2019 + Visualizing Technology, MyLab IT With Pearson eText Access Code, 8th Edition 9780135464441 $120 Boutin, I
50952 BIOL A111 IW1 *Human Anatomy & Physiology I FREE: Anatomy and Physiology 2e Optional Paperback Version: 9781711494050 $80 Davis, L
51044 BIOL A271 RW1 Principles of Ecology Ecology: Concepts and Applications, 8th Edition 9781259880056 $140 Goldman, K
50957 CHEM A103L IC1 *Intro to General Chemistry Lab Custom Print: Survey of Chemistry Lab Manual. Available at KPC Bookstore 907-262-0312. N/A $51 Roper, M
50959 CHEM A104L IC1 *Intro to Organic/Biochem Lab Materials available free on course Blackboard. N/A N/A Roper, M
50961 CHEM  A105L IC1 *General Chemistry I Lab Laboratory Manual for Principles of General Chemistry 9781118621516 $160 Roper, M
50962 COMM  A111 IW1 *Fund Oral Communication FREE: Communication in the Real World N/A N/A Paxman, C
50963 DN A203 RW1 Nutrition for Health Sciences Nutrition and You, 5th Edition 9780135196229 $80 Woods, S
51169 MATH A054 IW1 Prealgebra Prealgebra: A Journey to College Mathematics (used book acceptable) 9781630981570 $80 Leaders, S
51167 MATH A055 IW1 Elementary Algebra All-Access Online Pass: Prealgebra A Journey to College Mathematics 9781936368563 $65 Leaders, S
50973 MATH  A055 IW2 Elementary Algebra OPTIONAL: Algebra: A Combined Course, 2nd Edition OPTIONAL: 9781630980962 $88 Minogue, T
51352 MATH A104 IW1 *Technical Mathematics Materials available free on course Blackboard N/A N/A Weber, J
50976 MATH A105 IW2 Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra: Concepts & Graphs, 2nd Edition 9781630982072 $80 Leiter, G
51349 MATH A113 IW1 *Numbers and Society Materials available free on course Blackboard N/A N/A Veh, A
50978 MATH A152 IW1 *Trigonometry Trigonometry (8th, 7th, 6th, or 5th edition) 9780534403928 $30-$100 Veh, A
51353 MATH A152 IW2 *Trigonometry Materials available free on course Blackboard N/A N/A Weber, J
51354 MATH A152 IW3 *Trigonometry Materials available free on course Blackboard N/A N/A Weber, J
50985 PHYS A115 IW1 Physical Science Conceptual Physics (10th, 11th, 12th, or 13th Edition) 9780321909107 $60 Veh, A
51164 PRT A101 IW1 Intro to Process Technology Introduction to Process Technology 9780134808246 $160 Laube, J
51162 PRT A110 IW1 Intro Process SHE Awareness Safety, Health, and Environment 9780135572498 $125 Laube, J
50988 PSY A111 RW1 *Introduction to Psychology FREE: Psychology, 2e OPTIONAL: Paperback 9781975076443 $60 Partridge, B
50990 PSY A150 RW1 *Lifespan Development FREE: Lifespan Development N/A N/A Partridge, B
50991 SOC A101 IW1 *Introduction to Sociology Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach 9780134736570 $100 Lack, A
          Down To Earth Sociology: 14th Edition 9781416536208 $40 Lack, A
50992 SPAN A101 IW1 *Elementary Spanish I Aventuras Supersite Plus (24 Months) Access Code, 6th Edition 9781543338621  $260 Canedo-Escarcega, E
50996 TECH A295 I70 Technical Internship No Book Required N/A N/A Laube, J
50999 WRTG A111 IW1 *Writing Across Contexts FREE: Writing for Success N/A N/A Marshall, D
51000 WRTG A212 RW1 *Writing & the Professions Technical Communication 13th Edition 9781319245009  $140 Simmons, P
51001  WRTG A213 RW1 *Writing & the Sciences FREE: Writing in the Social Sciences N/A N/A Simmons, P
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