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Frequently Asked Questions


After considerable thought and discussion, KPC’s Kenai River Campus has decided that the Residence Hall will go on a one-year hiatus, beginning June 30, 2020, to determine how the campus can move forward in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to live in the Residence Hall? Is there a housing deposit?

You can apply and pay the $300 housing deposit on UAOnline (Student Services & Account Information > Campus Housing and Dining > KPC Housing > ApplyOnline). The housing deposit serves as the security deposit and will be refunded at the end of the academic semester/year, depending on the term of your housing agreement, less any damages or other unpaid charges to your student account. The application fee is $40 and is non-refundable.

Do I have to sign a housing agreement for an entire year?

No. You can sign a housing agreement for the entire academic year or for just one semester.

How much does it cost to live in the Residence Hall?

The cost of a single room in a furnished, four-bedroom apartment is $3,328/semester + a $150 technology fee each semester. This equates to about $695 a month and includes all utilities.

Will financial aid pay for me to live in the Residence Hall?

Financial aid can be applied to cover the cost of your housing. However, you will probably want to talk to your financial aid counselor to find out how much of your housing costs would be covered by financial aid. Contact KPC Financial Aid at (907) 262-0332.

What utilities are included in the rent?

The rent includes all utilities including cable and internet. It also includes the use of building amenities such as Wi-Fi, an exercise room, a game room, access to a free laundry room, Frisbee golf course and access to various programs and events hosted throughout the semester.

How does cable and internet access work?

There is high speed Wi-Fi internet access throughout the facility and there is cable TV service provided in each suite as well. Be sure to bring your own Ethernet and co-axle cables.

What furnishings are provided in my room?

Bedrooms come complete with an XL (long) twin bed, chest of drawers, nightstand, curtained closet, desk, and chair. Bedrooms are carpeted and come equipped with radiant floor heating. To see a complete list of suite amenities, visit the apartment features page

Are single rooms available?

Yes – all bedrooms are “single” rooms! The KRC Residence Hall comprises solely of apartment suites. Each suite contains four private bedrooms, designed to fit one student each. There are two bathrooms in each suite (two students to one bathroom), along with a shared kitchen and living area.

Is it possible to request a particular hall or suitemate?

Yes! You have the opportunity to request up to three suitemates on your application or the Residence Live team will do their best to pair you with suitable suitemates based on lifestyle preferences and commonalities indicated on each student’s application. Suitemate requests must be made mutually. Suitemate requests are not guaranteed, but every effort is made to accommodate them! There are different living-learning communities you can request to live in. These are AK Native, Academic Excellence, PRT, EMS, and Substance Free.

What if my suitemate(s) and I do not get along?

Although we make every effort to make positive suitemate matches, sometimes conflicts do arise. We encourage students to take every possible step in working out their differences. However, if this doesn't work, there are staff members in the building who are trained in conflict resolution. If you are having problems with your suitemate, first contact a Resident Advisor and if conflicts continue, contact the Residence Life Coordinator.

How can I decorate my room?

Students are encouraged to decorate their suite in order to make it a comfortable, productive and fun environment. However, there are some limitations as to the extent to which students may decorate their rooms. Residents may not paint or structurally alter their rooms in any way. Residents are more than welcome to hang decorations on their wall with sticky tack or easily removable foam strips. Learn more about how you can decorate your room in the Residential Life Handbook.

What kind of activities and programs are offered at the KRC Residence Hall?

Getting involved with fellow residents is a great way to meet people, make friends and have fun! In addition to the campus-wide offerings provided by Student Government, the Residence Life staff also aims to provide several entertaining and educational programs for students and their families! Some activities you may see on campus include movie nights, karaoke, community dinners, and academic skills workshops. Want to get involved? Contact an RA or the Residence Life Coordinator at (907) 262-0256 for information!

How many credit hours do I need to be enrolled in to live in the Residence Hall? What other criteria must I meet to live in the Residence Hall?

While preference will be given to students who are enrolled in more than 12 credit hours a semester, you need only to be enrolled in nine credits to be eligible to live in the residence hall (If you are taking less than 9 credits but would like to live in the Residence Hall you can request a waiver by contacting Tammie at Students also must maintain a 2.0 GPA to continue to live in the residence hall.

Are there any employment opportunities for students in the Residence Hall?

Yes! There are three types of student staff positions in the residence hall. Resident Advisors provide support and assistance to residential students as well as plan and host programs and events throughout the semester. There are also front desk positions available. Front desk staff will answer phones, assist students and work on various projects in the Residence Life office. Lastly, there is a student facility crew. The student facility crew will help maintain the residence hall, complete work orders and work on maintenance projects.

What personal belongings should I bring with me?

Linens (sheets, blankets, towels, pillows, dish rags, washcloths, etc.), dishware/silverware/cookware/utensils, TV, computer, alarm clock, toilet paper/paper towels/tissues/napkins, cleaning supplies, personal toiletries, and a laundry basket/soap/clothes hangers. Make sure to bring any of the above you can’t live without or be ready to buy them when you get here. The on-campus bookstore carries a limited supply of sundry items. Also, remember clothes, shoes (tennis shoes and boots are a great start); an umbrella, rain gear, and jackets. Weather in Alaska is unpredictable and can change several times a day; dressing in layers is a great way to be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

What kind of housing do you offer students with disabilities?

KRC Student Housing offers four ADA compliant apartment suites.  These suites feature lower counters, wider hallways and doors, a lower peephole, and a slightly bigger personal room.  For more information regarding these accommodations, contact the KRC Residence hall.

How do I get more information about living in the Residence Hall? 

You can e-mail or stop by the residence life main office, located in the KRC Residence Hall. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest developments by checking this website frequently and/or liking us on Facebook!

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