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VA Course Eligibility

Course Eligibility for KPC's VA Program

Only credits that apply toward the completion of a student’s program can be certified for VA purposes. If 12 credits are certified, all 12 must apply directly to the degree program, or listed as prerequisite courses in the KPC and/or UAA Catalog. Failure to meet course eligibility could result in over-payment of benefits and collection from the Dept of VA's Debt Management Center. Veteran students are required to work with an academic advisor and/or refer to Degree Works (see note below) to confirm that courses are applicable to current program of record.

There are three exceptions to the general rule regarding course applicability:

  • The last semester before graduation, all credits taken can be certified if one (1) or more of the credits satisfies a graduation requirement.
  • If the school allows substitutions for program requirements, VA will allow substitutions, if they are approved by the college and documented in the student's file.
  • Preparatory courses (eg PRPE 084 or MATH 055) may be taken, if need is verified by ACCUPLACER score. "E-learning" preparatory coursework is not considered an eligible course(s), therefore all refresher coursework (below 100 level) must be taken on-campus, according to the Dept of VA GI Bill® program rules.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Audited classes

Audited courses earn zero credit toward attainment of an approved educational objective, therefore this unacceptable "grading mode" and must be reported to the DVA.

Degree Works

This web-based system allows students and advisors to monitor progress towards degree completion, track petitions and advising notes, and use the "What If" and "Look Ahead" features. DegreeWorks may be accessed through UAOnline under the "Student Services". This system does not replace the recommendation to meet with an advisor. Questions or discrepancies regarding DegreeWorks should be addressed to either your advisor, or to the Admissions/Records Office, (907) 262-0381.

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