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University of Alaska Anchorage

Creators of Preparatory Online Resources

TAACCCT Grant Instructional Designers

  • Dr. Val Bieniek, Lead
  • Dr. Susan Clark
  • Ms. Jan Spinato

TAACCCT Content Specialists: English

  • Dr. Cheryl Siemers, KPC Associate Professor English
  • Mr. Scott Downing, KPC Assistant Professor English
  • Ms. Janice High, KPC Associate Professor English
  • Ms. Shona DeVolld, KPC Adjunct Faculty English

TAACCCT Content Specialists: Mathematics

  • Ms. Clair Kochis, KPC Assistant Professor Mathematics
  • Ms. Sara Reinert, KPC Professor Mathematics
  • Ms. Billie Hardy, KPC Developmental Content specialist
  • Ms. Ruth Davies, KPC Adjunct Faculty Mathematics
  • Ms. Tammy Farrell, KPC Adjunct Faculty Mathematics

TAACCCT Content Specialists: Introduction to Distance Learning

  • Dr. Val Bieniek


  • Dr. Paula Martin, KPC Assistant Director for Academic Affairs

Special Thanks to

  • Ms. Karen Zamarron: KPC Grant Budget
  • Ms. Cathy LeCompte: University of Alaska Anchorage, Community and Technical College, AssociateDean and TAACCCT Grant PI
  • US Department of Labor, Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant Program for the funding to create the courses.
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